Discipline and Consistency

Recently, my Pastor spoke on the importance of being discipline and consistency. It is very important to apply the two in your daily activities. When we are consistent about something, we will always be steadfast no matter what. The more consistent we are, the more disciplined we become. Discipline improves skills or training. Whether it is exercising or studying to become something better. Being a good Caregiver takes both discipline and consistency. The more consistent and discipline we are with taking care of ourselves, the better we will be for the person we are caring for. It takes both to stay organized, and to keep our priorities in order. When you are taking care of someone, you not only have to keep your personal business in tact, you have to keep the person you are caring for personal business in tact as well. For example, doctor appointments, banking records, shopping etc..just to name a few. If you get off track then it can affect you in many ways.

You may be wondering, how do you start?! Set goals for the day as well as for the week, for you and the person you are caring for. Plan accordingly to the goals. Make sure you allow enough time to meet the goals. And, if by chance you do not get everything done that was planned for the day. Move it to another day. It takes time to become consistent and disciplined, but getting started will bring you closer to accomplishing it. Take baby steps and do not allow yourself to become frustrated. You should know, it will get better!

Encourage Yourself!

Oftentimes, we are so quick to encourage others, that we forget to encourage ourselves. This is very common of a Caregiver, and I know it too well. Let me give you a little advice. Do not wait for others to encourage you. You must encourage yourself daily. It’s okay to say to yourself “I am strong in the Lord”, “I am special to God”, “He loves me just as much as He loves Jesus”, “I am wise in all the affairs of my life”, “I am getting better and better everyday”, “All of my needs are met”, just to name a few. The more you encourage yourself, the stronger you become. You will begin to look like and sound like your heavenly Father. Go ahead and try it! I dare you 🙂

Strength in Numbers

Oftentimes as Caregivers, we think we are alone. We take the person to numerous doctor appointments, physical therapy appointments, recreational appointments as well as personal grooming appointments. We rise early to prepare meals, prepare clothing as well as prepare medicine in order to make sure the day is a productive one. And for those of us that work full-time, we go to work, then come home to close the night out, by making sure we spend time with the person that we are caring for.

One of many things I have learned over the years, is that you have to know when to ask for help. You can not possibly do everything alone. They say it takes a village to raise kids nowadays. Well, I say it takes a village to be a Caregiver. So learn to ask for help, you will be surprised the responses you get. And how much it will help you in your everyday life!

Be Blessed