Never think what you have done or do for others goes unnoticed!

I am sure you have thought or wondered if what you’re doing for others is noticed. And it’s not that you’re doing it to be noticed.  Sometimes, it’s just you feel like no one sees all the effort you put into taking care of others. Maybe you have adjusted your life to such a capacity that before you started taking care of someone else, you had the freedom to do the things you like to do. Or maybe, at one time or another preparing dinner, washing clothes, or cleaning your home was all you had to attend to. But let me assure you, that what you are doing for others is being noticed. It’s being noticed by God!  He understands and see all that you do to bless someone else. And because of that, He will reward you for it. I know you may be thinking, when God when. Let me encourage you, don’t focused on the when, just focus on His promises. The Word of God states if you give, it shall be given unto you, good measured, pressed down and shaken together….Luke 6:38! And that which we sow, we shall reap…Galatians 6:9. He didn’t give us a deadline on when the promises would take place, but it’s important you focused on that God is not a man that He should lie. I’ve been taking care of my sister for about 12 years, and yes there have been some challenging times.  But through it all, God has had my back. Even when I didn’t think he was listening, He was. He has  rewarded me in some areas over the years that only He could have been the only one.  And I’m still standing on His promises  in some other areas. So don’t think for one minute that what you’re doing is going unnoticed or unappreciated. Because,  it is more than you know! Keep standing, keep thanking Him for noticing, even when you think he’s not! Be blessed


Victim or Victor?

There has been a lot of situations and circumstances that have happened in my life. I lost both of my parents 6 months apart, due to cancer. I went through a divorce. I was laid off of a job that I had worked for a number of years. Those are just a few to name. And it was very challenging during those times. But, somewhere along the line I realized that if I didn’t take control of my emotions and feelings. They were going to take control of me. Now,  not that I didn’t cry or didn’t experience some times where I just wanted to go far away and not come back. I felt all those things and more. I didn’t understand really what was going on at the time, so to speak. It seemed like I was in a bad dream and I just needed to wake up! But after years of realizing my parents weren’t coming back. And I really was divorced with a child. It was time to stop allowing myself to be the victim, but it was time to be the victor.

We have to realize when horrific things happen to us, we have a choice in the matter of how we respond. We can choose to be a victim of the situation, or we can be victorious. I have learned that why should I choose to be a victim just to allow my life to be in continuous turmoil. Being victorious feels better, it has empowered me in many situations. And I encourage you to do the same. Regardless of what you are going through, learn to take the victorious way out of it. You may ask how? 1. Choose too. 2.Think it. 3. Say it 4. Act on it. Does it happen overnight? Of course not. Learning to choose to be victorious is a learned process. Although, Jesus has given us the victory. We have to accept it and act on what we believe! More importantly, you have to read and mediate on what the Word of God says about being Victorious. Be victorious in EVERY situation, no matter what! Be Blessed!

Start Your Day in a Positive Way!

It’s important how you start your day. Because chances are however you begin your day, will be how you end your day. I know it may sound cliche, but I want you to attempt it. I have noticed when I would get up in the morning with a grateful attitude, it would cause me to see things differently than the day before. I would find myself being more thankful for the major events in my life as well as the minor events. Too be thankful for my family, thankful for a place to call home, thankful for a car to drive. I would then find myself beginning the day in a positive way.

But there have been times when I didn’t feel like getting up, because of something negative that had taken place the day before. Or an unexpected bill came in the mail, and I would think, now that was not apart of my budget. Then I would find myself thinking on it and I would allow it to cause my day to begin in a negative way. Which in turn caused me to end my day negatively. I am sure we all have been there. But, it truly is important how you start your day. I dare you to try it! Starting tomorrow, regardless of what has happened today. I want you to get up and think about the good things that have happened thus far in your life. I want you to think about how far God has brought you. Say out loud “this is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it’! And watch your day start off positively and end positively. Even if something negative happens and causes you to get off track, start it all over again. Remember, God’s mercy is new every morning! #staypositive

Do something for yourself

Being a Caregiver requires much needed me time. If you are to the point where you feel like you can not go on any longer. Or you feel tired and drained. Then chances are you’re not taking care of you! It is okay to go to the movies, take up an exercise class. Or maybe just to get away for the weekend. Whatever you need to do to feel refreshed and refuel, do it. It is a must when taking care of others. I know sometimes you may feel guilty for even thinking about doing something without the person you are caring for. But you must ignore those feelings and do something for yourself. If you do not take the time to do something for yourself, then you will become even more frustrated. Which in turn will cause you to take your frustrations out on the person you are caring for. Please believe me when I say, do something for you! It will make all the difference in the world as far as YOUR well-being is concerned.


LOVE is a beautiful thing. LOVE can mean many things to different people. It can be represented with flowers, diamonds, your presence. It can be represented with words expressed in a letter or note. It can be meant by running errands for someone, or taking a love one to the doctors office. Making a meal for someone who is ill. Maybe paying for rent for a singe mom. Or purchasing clothes for a child who’s parents can’t afford it. Or maybe buying medicine for an elderly person who can’t afford it. There are so many ways to express LOVE to others. Jesus is the most LOVE expressed person we read about in the bible. He often would walk through countries to heal those who desired to be healed. He would often feed the poor and spend a lot of time with them as well. He took care of the disciples as well as their families, while they ministered with Him. But, more importantly, He died on Cross so that we would not go to hell and have eternal life in heaven. And, so that we could have abundant life here on earth according to John 10:10. Now that’s LOVE. There is no greater LOVE than that. For me personally, LOVE is action! When I know you LOVE me, I have seen your action follow suite. And when I show LOVE, I show it with action, and not just mere words. So when you say you LOVE someone, show them the actions behind that LOVE. I don’t mean action with only materials things necessarily, but actions with assisting them with help. Maybe they just need you to listen to their heart, or maybe they just need you to help take care of their sick love one. Maybe they just need a pick me up lunch. Whatever it may be, don’t just tell them you’re there for them. But show them with you actions! Remember, LOVE covers a multitude of sins! LOVE someone today with your WORDS AND ACTIONS! Be Blessed!

Don’t you dare give up now!

I understand things may not be going in the direction you thought it would be. Maybe you thought the person you were caring for would get better sooner. Or the finances that is needed for a particular bill would have come in by now. Maybe you thought you would have been able to start your own company or go back to school by now. But this is no time to give up now! You have to understand that you are a day closer to the finish line, if you don’t quit. Think about it, if you give up now, then you will have to start all over again. Trust me it’s not worth it. Keep pursuing, keep moving towards the finish line. Philippians 3:14 states :I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. You have to make it to the finish line. You can do it! You have what it takes! Do not look at where you are now, but look at where you want to be in the situation. Remember, you got this! Why don’t you take the time to encourage someone else, while you are heading towards you finish line? I have learned when I take my mind off of my situation and help someone else, it pleases me. And more importantly, when I do help someone else, it pleases God. I dare you to try it! And I dare you NOT to give up!


I want you to take a moment and get into a really quiet place with NO DISTRACTIONS whatsoever. I am sure it’s been a long week or maybe a long day. I am sure things haven’t gone the way you would have liked them to. Maybe a unexpected bill came in the mail, or a loved one received a horrible diagnosis. Or the responsibility of caring for someone else is beginning to be too much. Believe me, I know how things can be sometimes. But what I want you to do is to take the time and think about the good that has taken place this past week, instead of the not so good things. And I want you to just begin thanking God for those good things that did happen. As you do, you will begin to feel empowered. You will begin to realize that because of your praise, God will turn the situation around to your advantage. There have been numerous times in my life where unexpected events had taken place, and I didn’t know what to do. But after I had prayed about it and started thanking God for the outcome of it, things began to turn my advantage. The atmosphere began to shift into a more peaceful one. Sometimes all it takes is a verbal expression of gratitude of the good things that have happened versus the bad things. When we focus on the positive instead of the negative, it allows us to stay at peace. If your mind is constantly thinking on the negative things, it will cause you to be uneasy and unhealthy. Again, I say be thankful today. Let God know that no matter what you are going through. And no matter what has taken place, you are going to be thankful for the good things that have happened.And as you do, watch the situation begin to look smaller than what it was intended too! Be blessed and Be thankful! #gratitude