Victim or Victor?

There has been a lot of situations and circumstances that have happened in my life. I lost both of my parents 6 months apart, due to cancer. I went through a divorce. I was laid off of a job that I had worked for a number of years. Those are just a few to name. And it was very challenging during those times. But, somewhere along the line I realized that if I didn’t take control of my emotions and feelings. They were going to take control of me. Now,  not that I didn’t cry or didn’t experience some times where I just wanted to go far away and not come back. I felt all those things and more. I didn’t understand really what was going on at the time, so to speak. It seemed like I was in a bad dream and I just needed to wake up! But after years of realizing my parents weren’t coming back. And I really was divorced with a child. It was time to stop allowing myself to be the victim, but it was time to be the victor.

We have to realize when horrific things happen to us, we have a choice in the matter of how we respond. We can choose to be a victim of the situation, or we can be victorious. I have learned that why should I choose to be a victim just to allow my life to be in continuous turmoil. Being victorious feels better, it has empowered me in many situations. And I encourage you to do the same. Regardless of what you are going through, learn to take the victorious way out of it. You may ask how? 1. Choose too. 2.Think it. 3. Say it 4. Act on it. Does it happen overnight? Of course not. Learning to choose to be victorious is a learned process. Although, Jesus has given us the victory. We have to accept it and act on what we believe! More importantly, you have to read and mediate on what the Word of God says about being Victorious. Be victorious in EVERY situation, no matter what! Be Blessed!


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