LOVE is a beautiful thing. LOVE can mean many things to different people. It can be represented with flowers, diamonds, your presence. It can be represented with words expressed in a letter or note. It can be meant by running errands for someone, or taking a love one to the doctors office. Making a meal for someone who is ill. Maybe paying for rent for a singe mom. Or purchasing clothes for a child who’s parents can’t afford it. Or maybe buying medicine for an elderly person who can’t afford it. There are so many ways to express LOVE to others. Jesus is the most LOVE expressed person we read about in the bible. He often would walk through countries to heal those who desired to be healed. He would often feed the poor and spend a lot of time with them as well. He took care of the disciples as well as their families, while they ministered with Him. But, more importantly, He died on Cross so that we would not go to hell and have eternal life in heaven. And, so that we could have abundant life here on earth according to John 10:10. Now that’s LOVE. There is no greater LOVE than that. For me personally, LOVE is action! When I know you LOVE me, I have seen your action follow suite. And when I show LOVE, I show it with action, and not just mere words. So when you say you LOVE someone, show them the actions behind that LOVE. I don’t mean action with only materials things necessarily, but actions with assisting them with help. Maybe they just need you to listen to their heart, or maybe they just need you to help take care of their sick love one. Maybe they just need a pick me up lunch. Whatever it may be, don’t just tell them you’re there for them. But show them with you actions! Remember, LOVE covers a multitude of sins! LOVE someone today with your WORDS AND ACTIONS! Be Blessed!


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