If you haven’t noticed, 2016 came and went so quickly! It felt like I closed my eyes for a moment and the next thing I knew, it was the end of 2016 :-). Do you feel that way? Maybe there were some things you did not complete last year. Or maybe there were some things you wanted to accomplish, but couldn’t because of time management. Unfortunately, events happen that cause us to get off track some to a point where it seems like we weren’t able to complete some projects. Or maybe you were overwhelmed with taking care of others, you felt like you couldn’t add anything else to your schedule. Well do not allow that to stress you. It’s a new year and another opportunity to start those projects as well as complete the ones you didn’t finish. Make a list of things you would like to do, prioritize them according to what means the most to you. Then write an action plan on when you will start and when you want to complete it. Everyday do something that will help you accomplish your goal. Don’t allow what didn’t happen last year dictate this year! As long as you are breathing, you can begin again! Now let’s get going! You got this!


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